Edited by Angelo van der Klift and Photography by Karen Alsop

Christmas Wish 2022 had us visit locations across Australia and the USA. We were able to fly Santa to some of these regions, and when he couldn't be there in person, virtual Santa appeared using augmented reality technology.
The purpose of Christmas Wish is to bring a little Christmas joy to families that are doing it tough due to childhood health challenges. For some of these families, this was their first professional photo of their child, for others, this may be their last as we cater to some gravely ill young people. 

Photographers and Santa Claus visit hospitals around the world to create magical portraits for hundreds of sick children and create incredible Christmas Wonderland Photoshopped artworks as gifts to these families.
The Christmas Wish team is made up of a couple of hundred volunteers including team members, photographers, Photoshop Artists, and Santa Claus. Each year our reach grows, and more families receive the gift of an imaginative artwork hand-crafted by our artists from all corners of the globe. 
Christmas Wish teams visited hospitals and hospices in Australia and the USA this year. Santa Claus was able to fly to several of these locations thanks to Virgin Australia. The joy Santa brings to these children is so evident in every interaction.
Each year volunteers come together to create some joy for families doing it tough. We begin by sending a team into the hospital with a Green Screen studio, lighting, and camera gear (thanks to Nikon and Kayell Australia and in Perth, Team Digital). The photography team ask the families about the child's interests, and then come up with an idea for an artwork and pose based on those interests.​​​​​​​
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Quotes from Families
"The artwork is incredible. I was there and I don't know how you did it! It's truly magical."
“Thank you so much. These photos are beautiful and we will treasure them forever. We have never been able to take our son for a photo with Santa, so this means a lot to us. Thank you to everyone involved.”
"Thank you so much for this beautiful picture! Our son had a nasogastric tube inserted just a few hours after the photo was taken, so it's wonderful to have a Christmas photo of him without it."
"Omg ! I was blown away by how beautiful this artwork was... thank you so so much for capturing our little man so perfectly, your artwork is spectacular! What you guys do for all these kids is absolutely amazing!"
"Thank you so much for the incredible work you are doing bringing joy and brightening the day of sick children in hospital - especially at this time of year. The picture of our daughter with Santa and the video are both incredible! What an amazing and talented team you are! Thanks a million for this beautiful gift."
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