Families can view their art on their own wall in virtual reality thanks to https://www.hoverlay.com/
After two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, project founder Karen Alsop wanted to find a way to send Aussie Santa to all ends of the world. This year Santa will be traveling to Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne in person, however our new Gippsland team, our Perth Team, Canada and USA teams will be bringing Santa to live in the virtual space. Not just through the creative Photoshop compositing, but directly into the hospitals using the power of cutting-edge virtual reality with thanks to software company, Hoverlay.
Karen has been working with Hoverlay to initiate a new way of having children interact with the big man himself. Karen has filmed Santa communicating with the children in a green screen environment. With Hoverlay, she is able to program an interactive environment where Santa appears to children in the space they are in. It will look like Santa is standing in the hospital talking to them directly when they view through a device. He will also be found telling his virtual 3D elf to get back to work, and asking his 3d interactive Reindeer why they wondered off!
Not only will Santa appear in the virtual world, but the families will each receive a VR link to view their finished artworks on any wall in their home or the hospital.

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